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Echuca Shade Sail Installations

Echuca Shade Sail Installations



Shade sails are a very modern way to give your family home, or your business, a sleek and beautiful shade cover. Because these systems are meant to be colorful and come in all manner of shapes and sizes, they produce a sense of drama that is not easily achievable by other shading means. Shade sails can be installed flat or can have differing elevations applied to them so that they make a bold statement. If your local building laws and codes allow for us to install a shade sail for you, we think it’s an amazing choice you can make.

About Us

Echuca Shade Sail Installations has been in business for several years, serving there greater Echuca area. Because of this, we know what works in our community and we are proud to offer suggestions and assistance when it comes to planning or installing your shade sail system. We offer custom and standard shade sails; able to make them in any size or shape or colour. Our goal is to make sure that you have a beautiful shade sail system that represents you and makes a bold statement to your friends, family and neighbours.

For a helpful and informative answer to some of your questions on our services, you may visit our FAQ page.


We try and keep a long list of services that we offer so that, no matter what you need with your shade sail system, we can make sure we are there for you. We offer installation of shade sails, shade sail posts, waterproof shade sail, triangle shade sail, square shade sail. We can install shade sail for the pool, outdoor shade sail and large shade sails. We also offer shade sail repairs, outdoor shade blinds and we can fix broken shade sails. Beyond this, we can offer shade sails for pergolas and any other outdoor spaces that you may need to be covered.

Looking for a quality shade sail blog? Browse our shade sail blog today written by our expert staff for tips, design ideas, & more.

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Shade Sail Installation

The number one service we offer, and the one that we’ve built this business on, is the installation of shade sails. When we help you with this process, we will measure your area, suggest a custom or standard shade sail, help to decide where to install and what we will fasten the shade sail to. We are there to assist you through this entire process, every step of the way.

house outdoor shade blinds

Outdoor Shade Blinds

If your building code in your area doesn’t allow for us to put up a complete shade sail system, there are other options we can offer to you. One of the best options we can suggest is that of outdoor shade blinds. With these, we install outdoor blinds, much in the same way they’re installed inside, letting you have control over a roll down shutter that will keep the heat off of you and your outdoor areas shady.

“Echuca Shade Sale Installations did a phenomenal job with our pool shade installation. We got to choose a really cool blue color that compliments our home and our own style. We never knew we could get something that looked so cool and modern! Totally Amazing.” - Dan W.

Shade Sail Planning
and Design

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer you, not only installation services but also planning and designing of your shade sail system. We are here to assist you in choosing the correct size and shape as well as material and colour. We want your shade sail system to be as unique as you are and, together, we know that we can make this happen.

outdoor deck shade sail design

Waterproof Shade Sails

If you live in an area that experiences a fair bit of rain, it might be a good idea to upgrade your shade sails to a waterproof version. These waterproof shade sails are made of special materials and coated to ensure that water does not penetrate through. The shade sail is then hung in a way that ensures that any water that collects on the sail, can drain to a lower corner, away from any area where you will be.

under the shad sail

“We had new ball fields that were getting some major sun. Players and fans were complaining that we didn’t have any shading options so, we reached out to Echuca Shade Sale Installations and they gave us a brilliant shade sail system. Now everyone is cool and happy there.” - Joshua T.

beautiful commercial shade sail

Commercial Shade Sails

We love doing residential houses, but we can also outfit commercial space with shade sail systems. There are a number of areas that shade sails are good for. Among these are: schools, playgrounds, ball fields, bleacher areas, common areas, pools and public common spaces in public buildings. We can install a shade sail almost anywhere you need one so let us take your project on today.

shade sail river deck

Maintenance & Repairs

If your shade sail system begins to fail in any way, we can do our best to fix it up and get it working again. Usually, if something happens, it’s a tear along the seams of the sail. This is caused by winds putting tension on the sail that it can’t withstand. When this happens, we can attempt to patch your sail, getting it back to looking and working as new.

“After we had our backyard redone, and a nice patio poured, we wanted something cool to give us a shade. We didn’t want a traditional building or pergola and that’s when we found shade sails. Echuca Shade Sale Installations Gave us something colorful, modern and very sleek. Thanks!” - Anne W.

Contact Us Today

​If any of the services we offer look like something you might want for your home or business, please reach out and let us know. We have included our number so that you can call us during business hours. If you don’t get ahold of us, please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as we can. Or, if you don’t feel like picking up the phone, that’s okay too! We’ve included an easy to fill out the contact form here, on our site, that you can send over to us at any time you’d like!