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Commercial Shade Sails

tan shade sail under sky

Shade sails have some great commercial uses too. These shade sails can be installed in a number of different places. These can act as permanent shade spaces or can be used as a cost-effective way to keep the rain off of certain areas. With commercial shade sails, we offer planning and design help as well as installation in a manner of different ways; from wood post-installation to metal post-installation to attaching your new sails to existing structures on the property we are installing them on.


One of the top places we install shade sails at, commercially, are playgrounds. Because shade sails can be designed in any colour or colour pattern or shape or size, they lend themselves well to being used in areas designed for kids. We can match your shade sail to the colours of your playground equipment to enhance the playground area and give a sense of fun and whimsy. These sails are also great because they allow light into your playground spaces while keeping out harmful sunlight and if you choose waterproof sails, the rain which could erode your playground spaces or make them slippery and dangerous.


Another top space that we are asked to install our shade sails in to are pool areas. Whether your pool is a community pool, school pool or a pool at a hotel or apartment complex, we have options that can work for you. Our pool shade sails can be made into any shape, for any pool shape or space. We can custom make colours to fit your complex or high school. We can attach these sails to pool railing or install custom posts that the sails will attach to. No matter your pool needs, we have your back.

Car Dealerships

Another place that we are installing more and more shade sails is at car dealerships. These shade sails are typically temporary and can be moved depending on where cars are placed on your lot and the location of the sun. These shade sails give a lot of flexibility to your car lot because they are not a permanent structure. This means that, should you need to move cars to different locations, we can move your sails to wherever they need to be. These sails keep the sun off your customers so that they are more comfortable looking at that fancy new car.

Sports Fields/Bleachers

A great location to consider shade sails for is over sports fields and bleachers. Because shade sails are flexible, they can be installed over any field type. This helps save money by not requiring permanent roofing to be constructed. These sails will look great and work hard to keep sunlight off of your players and fans, Our Shade sails can also help to keep bleachers cool. When the sun hits metal bleachers, the metal absorbs the heat, becoming hot to touch. To combat this, let us install a sail over your bleachers that will keep them nice and cool for everyone.