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Echuca Shade Sail Installations prides itself on doing every, single job we do to the best of our ability. We have an incredible team of installers, ready to install any shade sail system that you may need. We also have an incredible planning and design team, that will help you to choose colors, shapes and sizes that complement your spaces and work with your existing structures and exposures. In addition to these two teams, we also have a fantastic customer service staff that is second to none in the industry. Our customer service staff are incredibly knowledgeable about all shade sail products and techniques and are standing by to answer any questions you may have. They are also free to address any concerns.

If you are deciding that a shade sail system is right for you, please go ahead and reach out to us. We have included our main phone number here, on this site, so that during our normal business hours, you can give us a call and talk to someone about your upcoming project. If you don’t feel like calling, but still want to get in touch, we have also included an easy to use contact form, on our site, that you can fill out at any time. Reaching out in either way will get you in contact with someone from our team who will be happy to assist you in whatever you need. Our lines of communication are always open so always feel free to inquire.