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Maintenance & Repairs

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If your shade sail begins to fail or seems lime it isn’t holding up as well as it should be, maybe it’s time to give us a call and have us come out and assess your sail. There are several options that we can offer for a shade sail that seems to be failing. We can clean your sail off, to keep weight off of it and to keep debris from poking holes in it. We can also patch your sail or, if it seems like it can’t be fixed, replace it completely.

Regular Cleaning

The first step in any good shade sail maintenance routine is to have your sail regularly cleaned. We recommend having your sail brushed off whenever it seems like there is any sort of debris build up on top of it. Beyond that, we recommend doing a deep shade sail cleaning, at least once per year. With this type of cleaning, we will unhook your sail, take it down temporarily and clean it in a detergent solution. This will ensure that your sail remains beautiful and doesn’t get so dirty or cloudy that light isn’t allowed to shine through.


If your sail begins to tear, this can be a major problem. Usually, this happens along the seams of the sail, due to improper hanging, too much tension on the sail or from a number of outside factors like wind or debris hitting the sail. When the shade sail begins to tear, there are certain things we can do to try and repair it, before replacing becomes an option. We can attempt to patch your sail with material patches. These patches are strong and will help to hold your sail together; reinforcing it so that tears hopefully will not happen in the future.


If we do our best to clean your sail and problems still arise, it may be time to think about replacing. If we have patched your sail, but tears are starting in other places, it may be time to just have us install a new shade sail option. We can work with you to get a brand new sail either constructed or to pull on me from our warehouse that fits your needs. We are always there to install a new shade sail if that’s what you need and are happy to help out in any way that we can.


Another maintenance thing that we can always try, is to adjust your sail position. If it seems like your shade sail is having excess stress placed on it due to wind or falling debris from trees, we can try and adjust the position so that wind doesn’t hit it as hard or so that it is clear of trees. A simple adjustment can do a lot to help your sail. It’s a bit of work, but relatively easy to do and a lot less expensive than having to install an entirely new shade sail system.