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Why should I install a shade sail?

There are many benefits of installing a shade sail in your property:
1. It makes your outdoors usable during the hot summers. Whether it be the playground, your pool, your BBQ area, or only anything. You can set up a seating arrangement in your lawn now and enjoy summers outside, minus the scorching and harmful sun rays.
2. Shutters are an excellent choice in some places, but they provide shade by blocking airflow. Shade sails allow air to flow and you are at peace chilling under your shade sail while the breeze ruffles through you.
3. It adds beauty to your outdoors. Shade sails are a colourful and modern way to add beauty and value to your house.
Call Echuca Shade Sails to get your very own shade sail.

What services do you provide?

At Echuca Shade Sails, we are a complete solution provider for all your needs. We can work with standard as well as custom shade sails.
We can work in close coordination with you and install your shade sail for you. We do all your planning and design like, suggesting where to put it up and how, it’s colour and size, its material, anything, and everything. We install the sail, at last, all according to your vision and our knowledge.
Also, wecan install waterproof shade sails and outdoor shade blinds. We also offer planning and design services exclusively too, whereby we design the shade sail as well as the posts to look as good as it’s useful.
We can work with all types of materials and also for all types of locations like residential, commercial, pools, public places, just name it.
Lastly, we also provide maintenance and repair services. Usually, the sails get torn along the seams owing to high winds and poor weather. We can patch it. Or even if it is something else, we put our best foot forward in repairing it. But, alas, sometimes the damage is beyond repair.
We are a trustworthy company inthe Echuca Shade Sails industry as we provide excellent workmanship with great results.

Do we install Custom size Sails?

Yes, we do. We understand the Echuca Shade sails industry is nowadays evolving, and more and more custom projects are coming up. We have installed various custom made shade sails, and we can do that for you too. Call us now to get your customized shade sail.

Do you offer a free quote and consultation?

Yes, our consultation and quotes are completely free.
We believe in first gaining an understanding of your requirements through open-ended discussions. After we have an understanding of what you need, we provide a suitable quote.
At Echuca Shade Sails, we value your time and money. Thus, our quotes are pocket-friendly and affordable. With us, stay assured of the best quality within your budget.

How do I plan my Shade Sail?

Here are a few points that will help you in planning your shade sail:
The direction of the Sun:
A significant factor is the direction of the Sun. Also, the direction of Sun changes round the year and time of day. So, see where the Sun rays come from during summers majorly.
Location of fixing points:
The next point to consider is where will be the fixing points. They can either be attached to structurally stable buildings, or you can attach them to steel posts that have deep foundations in the ground.
Heights of the fixing points:
Another thing to pay attention to is the height of your fixing points. Because some amount of slope is necessary. All the corners cannot be at the same height.
The slope is required for proper protection from puddling in rains. Also, you need to keep two corners on a lower height and two on a higher height. Keep the lower side of the Sun. The lower the shade sail, the more sunlight it will block. And higher the shade sail, the more sunlight will come through.
Check for underwater pipelines or any other thing that the posts may damage. Also, be aware that quite a lot of pressure may be exerted on the shade sail due to high winds and plan accordingly.
For more knowledge, please consult the consultants of Echuca Shade Sails. They will guide you in planning your perfect shadesail.

Are all shade sails waterproof?

No, they are not. Although, the regular shade sail is about 10% porous. So, most of the water will run off through the slope and typically only mist will pass through. Also, this porous property of the shade sail is a blessing in disguise, because during hot days, hot air passes through this porous shade sail.
But if you must need waterproof shade sail, we can install one for you. Although a waterproof one tends to be more expensive than the regular one, also, the waterproof shade sails should not be enormous.
Echuca Shade Sails provides a very lightweight and affordable range of waterproof shade sails.

How much wind can a shade sail withstand?

Shade sails are not meant for withstanding high winds. There is no characterization of high winds because it depends on many factors like installation, design, and age, etc.
How tight it is, its slope, and how well secured are the fixing points. All are a vital factor of installation that affects withstanding power. Also, the design, whether triangle, square, or twisted, and how old or new the shade sail is, everything plays a role in deciding how much wind can it stand.
So bring your shade sail down during rough weather. But, not if the wind is already high because it may hurt you.
Echuca Shade Sails although,has shade sails installed by experts. Still,they are not meant for snow or high winds.

Can I attach the shade sail to the structure of my house?

Yes, sure, you can. But what you are attaching to is essential. You can attach the shade sails to the structure or frame of the house. Anything other than that is not theright choice, as it will not be able to take the load, the shade sail will generate. Also, attaching to the roof is not a good idea because of the leakage factor.
Talk to the consultants at Echuca Shade Sails for more information and expert guidance.

What is the life of shade sails?

Again there is no straight answer. Because maintenance and damage play a key role here. But if maintained properly and there is no damage done, then these shade sails have a life of about 8 to 10 years or more.

How do I maintain my shade sails?

Maintaining your shade sail is easy. Simply clean it with any low-pressure water hose annually. Also, do remember not to use any bleach or other chlorine-based stuff. Instead use a mild detergent and a soft brush, if needed.
Avoid any type of chemicals as it can potentially damage your shade sail.
Also, keep tightening the shade sail after every week. It is essential to avoid wear and tear. Also, keep inspecting the fixing points.
Lastly, take down your shade sails before a storm or in winter if it is going to snow.
If you still want to consult, you can ask all your questions to the consultants of Echuca Shade Sails anytime.

What hardware is needed for Shade Sail installation?

The essential hardware needed for any installation is a turnbuckle. And the size of the turnbuckle depends on the size of the sail you have ordered. Bigger sails need bigger turnbuckles, and vice-versa. Also, other things required can be a mounting point and other stuff that entirely depends on the task at hand.
Experts at Echuca Shade Sails can be consulted at any time for any query about hardware.

How high should the shade sail be?

The height of your shade sailentirely depends on your needs, your space, and the use you want it to put to. Still, the minimum height should be as high as the height of an average person, although it can go as low as you want it to.
Consultants at Echuca Shade Sails can guide you in the right direction after a discussion or an inspection of your property.

How much should the slope of my sail be?

Your shade sails must have a lot of slopes. It has many benefits like it allows the downpour to pour down, and it blocks the sunlight. The more the slope, the more effective your sail becomes. So, we advise a difference of a minimum of 30% of the height of the sail between the high and the low.
But, you can increase or decrease the slope according to your needs and design. Please feel free to ask all your questions to the experts of Echuca Shade Sails.

There are curves in shade sails. Are they necessary? If yes, then why?

The curves in the shade sails are necessary. Because when we tighten the sail, these curves pull the centre outwards and straighten the middle part. This prevents the sagging from the middle and which in turn prevents puddling during rains and wear and tear due to winds. Without these curves/arches, the shade sail cannot be adequately tightened.

What is UVR and Shade Factor, and what is the difference between them?

UVR is the Ultra Violet Light reduction the sail is doing. Although, UV Rating does not take into account the UV Light bouncing back from the surface (the floor also reflects the sunlight). Shade factor is the amount of shade the shade sail is giving.
For more information on which material and colour have how much UVR and Shade Factor, ask an Echuca Shade Sails consultant.

What is a UV Rating? And does that depend on the colour of the shade sail?

UVR or UV Rating as stated above, is the UV light reduction a shade sail is doing. And yes, it depends on the colour of the shade sail, but not very much.
UV Ratings range between 89% – 97%. The darker colours reflect more of the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Strangely, our most popular colours also have UVR between the limits- 90% – 96%. So, the choice of your colour will not reduce the effectiveness of your sail.
Echuca Shade Sails offers all the range of colours in right quality materials so that the purpose of your shade sail installation is not wasted.

How should I plan the fixing points?

Fixing points are anessential part of the installation. Strong fixing points mean a sturdy installation. Thus, for this reason, we recommend steel posts. Their diameter can range anywhere between 90mm to 150mm, depending on the size of the shade sail and also its design.
If you are fixing the sail to your house, then attach it to a strong structure, like the frame of the house. Sidings are not that sturdy that they can take the load due to the wind.
After posts come to the footings, it is recommended to keep one-third of the steel posts underneath the ground. This will give a strong foundation. And the footings should be made of 400mm x 400mm minimum. The size should increase with the increase in the size of the shade sail.
It is a critical issue, thus consult in detail with an Echuca Shade Sails representative.

Why should I choose Echuca Shade Sails?

Echuca Shade Sails is an old and experienced service provider of the Echuca Shade Sails industry. We can cater to all types of needs as we are a complete solution provider.We can install both customs as well as standard shade sails with finesse.
Some of the reasons are:
1. Our responsive customer support is dedicated to attending to all your queries until the project is completed.
2. We understand the importance of details. Therefore, every project of ours is delivered with expertise.
3. Ours is a trustworthy company. This means that there will be no extra hidden costs or nasty surprises at the end of the project.
4. Lastly, we understand the crux of our client’s needs: excellent workmanship. Thus we provide great workmanship that guarantees excellent results.
Our list of happy customers provides testimony to all our claims. And our loyal customers are the reason for our organic growth in the Echuca Shade Sails industry for so many years now.