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Outdoor Shade Blinds

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Outdoor shade blinds are a classic way to keep your patio or outdoor space out of the sun. These shades are usually attached to the roofline, much in the same way that an indoor blind is attached to the top of your window. These shades can generally be rolled up with a pull or manually rolled up and attached to the roofline with a buckle or strap. If you aren’t permitted to have something like a shade sail in the yard, these are a great option.

Types of Outdoor Blinds

If you have decided that outdoor blinds are right for you, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Depending on what looks good with your house or yard or what your needs are, several types of outdoor blinds are available. There are verandah blinds, patio blinds, retractable blinds and different types of awnings; some on spiel arms and others that are fixed. We can work with you to choose the exact type of blind that will most benefit your outdoor space. Let us help make your patio the perfect spot to relax in.

Why Choose Outdoor Shades

The number one reason to choose outdoor shades is that they do exactly that: they give you shade from the sun. Outdoor shades do an amazing job of letting light through, but blocking out dangerous UV rays that can burn you and make you uncomfortable while relaxing outside. These outdoor shades can also help to block out wind and rain, should you decide to use your outdoor space on a day with inclement weather. If you can’t put up sail shades, thanks to local codes or regulations, then outdoor blinds make an excellent choice; doing the same thing in a sleek package.

Features of Outdoor Shades

There are a number of features that outside shades can give you. Some of these are the ability to block harmful sun rays, while also allowing sunlight to pass through. Depending on the material used, your shades can also help to block out rain and wind, giving a comfortable outdoor space to relax in. Beyond this, shades can be installed with a number of roll-up features. There are cordless lifts, which hide the rolling mechanism so there are no cords shown. There are also motorized lifts so that you can control the blind with the touch of a button, from your favourite outdoor chair.


Installation of outdoor shades and blinds is not typically a hard thing to do unless you are installing a more complicated system, such as one with a motorized lift. We have a lot of experience with outdoor blind installation and we can assure you that we can install all manner of blind systems. We make sure the blinds or shades are levels, securely mounted and that, whatever lift system they employ, it works so that you can get your blinds up and down with no issue at all. Let us take the stress out of installing blinds so you can enjoy them.