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Shade Sail Planning and Design

outdoor deck shade sail

Shade sail structures can be overwhelming to think about installing or constructing. Because of that, we offer planning and design services. Our skilled team can walk you through every step of planning and installation, including choosing materials, colours, sizes, placement and where and how we will fasten and stabilize your shade sail system. We can also help with permitting and engineering; everything that we need to get your shade sail system installed, without a hiccup, so that you can enjoy it immediately.

Shade Size, Material and Color

One of the first steps in the planning and designing process is choosing what you want your shade sails to actually look like. We have a huge number of options to choose from. We have several different options of fabric; some heavy, some light, some in the middle of that. We have colours from all different parts of the spectrum, whichever you think will give you the most beautiful and striking reaction. We can also make the shade sail in any size you need so that, no matter what size your outdoor space is, we can cover it.

Standard or Custom Size

The next step in planning and design is to choose if we are going to use. A standard shade sails size or makes a custom shade sail for you. Typically, shade sails come in a sort of rectangular shape, similar to what you might see on a sailboat (hence the name). However, depending on what your outdoor space looks like, there is a possibility that we can make a custom shade sail for you that is not rectangular at all. We can make any shape or size to fit your outdoor space, no matter what it is.

Permanent or Temporary

Another major factor in planning and designing your shade sail system is whether you want to keep it up all year or have the ability to put it up and take it down when you need to. There are several advantages to both and the decision is completely up to you. You should know that all of our shade sail systems are meant to last for several years, without being taken down or removed. But, if you have a need for a system that allows for it to be taken down, we have the fasteners and tools to make it so.

Where to Place/How to Secure

The placement of your shade sail depends on several different factors. Among these, weather exposure, sun exposure and where and how we can fasten and attach your shade sail system. If you are having us attach the shade sail to an already existing structure, we need to make sure the structure can hold your sail through things like wind gusts. If we aren’t attaching it to a structure, we can install poles that we can attach the sail to. We cement these poles in place so that they will hold your sail in any matter of weather condition.