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People associates pool with sunshine, for they’re a hallmark of the summer season. They want to take shade during the hot weather in a pool to shield their body from UV exposure or avoid a sunburn.

Thus, many pool owners are covering them with shades to increase protection from rays or for aesthetic purposes. More so, these additions should give your pool a bit of style and ambience.

Besides adding beauty and value to your property, these shades have additional benefits.

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Main Benefits of Having Shade Structure over your Pool

Protects your Pool: These structures preserve your pool and the water from debris and leaves from the surroundings. Thus, install quality shade sails that are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Keeps you cool In the Summer: The sun is hot in Australia during the summer season. Thus, you will appreciate dipping your body in a pool with shade, for it gives you extra protection from the middle day sun and heat.

Shades are Modern and Aesthetic: They make your pool look classy and elegant. Therefore, you should choose shades that match your entertainment area and your house. Most Australian families prefer outdoor activities. Thus, having a stylish shade over your pool gives you confidence that your family is safe and happy.

They add value to your house: Pools and shades give your property elegant appearance as well as add value to your property. That means you will sell your home higher thanks to these additions.

Best Pool Shades Ideas
1. Umbrellas

There are two types of pool umbrellas in the market. They include;

I. Mountable Umbrellas

Traditional umbrellas have been in use for several years, especially for those pool owners who want moveable shades. They may be fixed when the pool is in use and based on the direction of the sun to protect those in the water and those relaxing by the pool.

The use of umbrellas is a cheap alternative since they are mounted when the pool is in use. Further, they can be adjusted with the movement of the sun. The pool owner can purchase umbrellas with unique shapes and colours that complement the surroundings. On the other hand, umbrellas are not durable and can be blown by the wind.

II. Permanent Umbrella

It’s a durable umbrella that is designed to be fixed outdoor to protect the pool from a single support column. The umbrella has a simple design, but it can complement the house and the pool in a big way. The beam of this umbrella is fixed on the ground; thus, it can’t be blown by wind like the ordinary umbrella. Further, the umbrella is less expensive and wide enough to protect you from the sun and rain.

Photo of our pool shade installation done in Echuca

2. Folding Arm Awnings

It’s a pool shade with many built-in functionalities and is also stylish. You can select folding arm awnings with aluminium case and water-resistant canvas. This is an economical solution shade that has a button that you press when you want it to retract.

3. Shade Sail

These are increasingly popular options in Australia due to their high resistance to winds. They are available in different shapes and can be arranged in a unique angle, which gives the pool a modern look. You can also customize the sails in terms of height, fabric texture, and colour. The sail can be a standalone structure or multilayered to provide adequate protection.

On the other hand, sails give an inconsistent shade because they don’t cover the entire pool. Thus, you will require several pieces to meet your objective, yet these shade sails are surprisingly expensive.

4. Retractable Shade Canopies

These are the most comprehensive structure for your pool because they’re capable of protecting the entire pool from the UV rays. The shade runs from one corner of the pool to the other and is supported by strong posts placed on each side of the pool.

Erecting retractable shade canopies over your pool is expensive; however, the structure provides your pool adequate protection throughout the year. It’s also a stylish way of accessorizing your pool. On the other hand, the posts supporting the canopies mar the view as the structure offers complete or partial privacy.

5. Cantilevers

These structures are similar to retractable shade canopies, but they are supported by a single vertical beam placed on one side of the pool. The canopy stretches over the pool, thus providing shade to those in the water and poolside guests.

Further, the shade doesn’t block the view, unlike other shades that have posted on all corners of the pool. Therefore, all sides are entirely free from any obstructions.

6. Pergolas

These are visual centrepiece placed on one side of the pool. The shade is constructed with quality woods and is customized according to the owner’s specifications. Although this shade doesn’t protect the users from the sun, it’s a great aesthetic addition to the pool and property.

7. Freestanding Structures

These are shades that are placed on one side of the pool to protect you when you get out of the water. The aim of this structure is not to protect the pool itself but to cover the lounge chairs and create a relaxing enclave.

Therefore, your family and friends can enjoy the sun while in the water but take cover under the shade when it gets scorching. They can enjoy refreshments, conversation, or relax while there.

Key Points to Remember
  • You can cover both the pool and the patio area if they’re next to each other. Thus, you can use one shade for the two areas. On the other hand, you can use separate shades or patio awnings for the two surfaces.
  • Ensure that two materials or structures complement each other if you choose to use different shades for your pool and patio area.

Shade structures protect from the UV and other elements. They are also an attractive feature to add to your pool or property.

No matter what your needs are, there is a solution that can meet them. Echuca Shade Sail Installations can customize shade structures to suit your specific needs. The company provides shades for commercial and private use, permanent coverage, or temporary shelter.

For more information, visit us at You can also contact us at 0491 737 518 or email us at [email protected]

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