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Shade Sail Installation

shade sail installation design

Shade sails are a modern, fun option for shading canopies. Shade sails can be simple in nature or they can be grand, architectural features for your home or business. These sails are meant to help pass wind through them, safely, while providing an extraordinary amount of shade, all while giving a state to piece to your home or business. Our shade sails are made with heavy-duty, durable material, that can stand up to most weather conditions. With our expert installation, we will give you an amazing statement in no time.

Why Use Shade Sails

While traditional shade shutter and awnings work perfectly fine, they often come off as boring and, sometimes, unsightly. That’s where shade sails come in. Shade sails are made from durable material that stands up well to almost any weather condition. They are built to the last while, at the same time, looking beautiful and unique. Because of the way shade sails are installed, they allow wind to pass through without issue, never compromising the ability to provide shade. These sails can come in multiple colours and sizes; creating a perfect space for wherever you need them installed.


The first step in shade sail installation is deciding on the position of the sails. When you are deciding where to place them, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The obvious factor in your decision should be the movement of the sun and the path it takes; careful to have your sails where they can block the bulk of sunlight. In addition to this, consider the size of the sails you are installing and the location and strength of where you are going to anchor the sails at. Also, consider wind speeds and make sure the sails are not near open flames.

Building Approvals

Something that people may not think about when having shade sails installed are building codes for their local area. Because shade sails are often big and stick up, thanks to their unique architectural design, they can become burdensome to your neighbours. While you may think they look beautiful, they might be blocking a neighbours view. Beyond this, shade sails may night permitted in your area at all due to things like migratory bird patterns. It is important to check for building codes and regulations before we move forward with your sail installation.

Supports/Anchor Points

It is important when considering where to install your shade sails, to think about how and where you are going to anchor the sails at. A natural place for some anchors is to bolt into the wall of your home. But, is this something you want to do? While the sails aren’t meant to cause damage, it's possible that they can if major winds pick up. If you don’t have something to anchor on to, we can install posts into your yard to act as anchors. We cement the posts into the ground, giving you extra stability.