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Shade sails are essential features in your property for they enhance the appearance and the value of your home, which are fantastic benefits. Like other accessories in your home, you have to take care of your shade sail to help it maintain its look and last longer. 

Not all shades sails available in the market are long-lasting. Thus, you have to apply various shade sail maintenance practices to help them last longer. The following is the history of shade sail and the tips of maintaining them.

Shade sail installation done in Echuca with black colour triangular shade sail

History of Shade Sail 

The origin of shade sails can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where pieces of fabrics were used to create shades. More so, Greeks and Romans followed the same trend and using technology they provided shades to spectators in Rome. 

These shade sails were made out of hemp, linen, canvas and cotton. Thus, their strength depended on the toughness of the fabric, durability and technique used. 

During the industrial revolution, the use of shade structures grew in size as a result of the development of new industrial techniques and machines.  

The concept of shade sails was improved in the 20th century when they were used in significant outdoor events such as in 1959 during the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The Munich Olympic Stadium roof was made of shade sails as well as the Saudi Arabia’s Tuwaiq Palace in the 1970s. The present shade sails are made of synthetic materials such as PVC. The use of different shade sails maintenance tips has enhanced the strength and durability of these structures.  

Proper Installation 

Every homeowner wants their shade sails to last for years. The secret to long-lasting shade sails is proper installation. Although some shade sails can be installed DIY, it would be wise to hire an expert such as Echuca Shade Sail Installations because they understand the design complexities and have necessary tools. 

Thus, choose a qualified shade sail installer who will ensure that the structure is installed correctly as well avoid inevitable mishaps.  

Clean Regularly  

Shade sail maintenance is an excellent way of getting these exterior accessories to last longer. You can use a nylon broom to scrape away animal droppings, dirt and leaves from the shade sail every week. The broom should be long enough to reach the tip of the shade. 

More so, you should clean their fabric regularly or at least once a year to remove stains caused by wet leaves, bird droppings, moulds and mildew.  

You should use very mild detergents to clean the shade’s fabrics because harsh chemicals will damage the fabric. Cleaning can be done in sections using a power sprayer. You shouldn’t use this cleaning method on vinyl because it can weaken it over time. 

Further, shade sail fabric should not be put in a washing machine or scrubbed with a stiff brush. It should be dried in the sun but not in a dryer, especially when putting it away for the winter season. Dampness can cause mould and mildew to thrive. Cleaning the shade sails regularly will keep this structure attractive throughout the year. 

Check the Hardware Frequently 

It’s essential to check the hardware regularly to ensure that nothing is loose or rusted. You should also ensure that the tension is firm or strong on the fabric and the shade sail is in good condition. This is essential shade sail maintenance practice, especially after the storm or when it’s windy. 

More so, ensure that the turnbuckles are adequately lubricated at all times. Keeping them always in good condition will reduce the cost of replacing them now and then. 

Cut Back Branches Encroaching on the Structure

Trees and branches overhanging on the structure should be trimmed back. Some branches are durable and will damage the sails when they fall on them.  

Additionally, trees shed a lot of leaves, thus having branches hanging over the structure will cause it to be dirty throughout the year. The dry leaves may attract birds and other insects which can overload the shade sails with their nests.   

Thus, proper shade sail maintenance involves cutting back the trees or their branches to keep the structure clean and safe. 

Dismantle when not in use

Umbrella shade installation photo completed in Echuca with cream white colour shade

Shade sails are designed to withstand different outdoor conditions such as scorching sun, winds and rain. However, you can prolong their life by performing proper shade sail maintenance throughout the year.   

Dismantle shade sail when not in use for instance during winter months because cold, snow and frost can rust the hardware and are not suitable for the structure.  

Further, it would help if you took them down whenever there is an approaching storm, strong winds and cyclones. 

Clean the shade sails, dry them properly and store them in a storage bag or an airtight plastic bin that has a snapping lid.  

Shade Sail Replacement  

Shade sails can last for several years, depending on the fabric you selected. However, like other accessories, they are prone to wear and tear as a result of external factors such as the storm, strong winds, scorching sun and so on. Therefore, it’s essential to change your shade sails when you see the following signs.   

Colour Fading

Shade sails that have faded to a considerable degree or are no longer vibrant should be replaced. At this point, they may have lost their ability to block the UV rays and heat. 

Rips or Tear

The weather is unpredictable and intense winds or storm can cause damages when you least expected. Thus it’s vital to replace a shade sail with small damages such as tears and rips. It is because they will soon become major ones.  

Major Stains

It’s essential to install the shade sails properly because they can hold water which can encourage the new growth of moulds and mildew. These elements can also thrive as a result of humid weather conditions. Dust and grime can gather and stain the shade sails. That is why regular shade sail maintenance is recommended. This is to prevent them from aging faster than expected. On the other hand, replace shade structures that are stained. It is because they can cause your home to appear abandoned and unkempt.  

Echuca Shade Sail Installations are available to help you with your shade sail maintenance whether it involves installation, cleaning and repairs. You can contact them for more information.

For more information contact us at 0491 737 518 or email us at [email protected]

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