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Shade sails create an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming outdoor space that you need when the sun is hot. They are an excellent feature for your pool, for they help you to enjoy the water or the breeze without getting toasted under the sun. Therefore, it’s a good idea always to have shade sails over your pool. 

More so, sails add value to your property, and they depreciate quickly because they are always outside. For that reason, you have to replace them after a given period. 

The following are signs that your shade sails should be replaced to avoid the effects of blazing sun and the wrong image of faded and worn-out material that is thrown about by the wind.

Shade sail installation done in Echuca with umbrella
Wear And Tear 

A shade sail can survive up to five decades, depending on the strength of the structure and the fabric used. However, the harsh weather conditions can reduce the life of these shade sails. Thus, you will start noticing some worn out parts after months of scorching heat followed by a spell of heavy showers.  

You may consider stitching smaller holes, but with the time, you will start seeing larger ones who can’t be stitched. More so, the sight of a shade sail with several stitches is not impressive, and this will lower the value of your pool and property. Thus, it’s the time to replace your shade sail when you begin noticing large holes.   

Color Fading  

What attracted you to the shade sail on top of your pool is the colour of its fabric. That means that it was striking when it was new. However, with time the colour faded due to UV rays as well as the water during the rainy season. Therefore, look at your shade sail at the moment and judge whether it needs to be replaced with a new one. You will notice that the upper part is pale more than the sides; thus, the difference in colour affects the appearance of your swimming pool. Remember, the beams supporting the shade sails should be given a new coat as well when you replace the shade sails. 

Mildew, Dust, and Grime 

Your shade sails are being designed in a manner that they shouldn’t retain water on their surface. However, poor installation may cause water pools to form in one place which encourages the growth of mildew on the surface. Therefore, you have to clean the sails regularly, and this will reduce their durability. 

Further dust and grime will also settle on the shade sail mainly when it’s windy and dry. This will be more evident when the wind blows leaves, seeds, or debris, and they all settle on top of the shades. These elements will stain the fabric when they begin to rot and when the seeds start growing on top due to moisture from the pool and dust.  

These marks are a complete visual turn-off, and such shade sails should be removed. 

Landscape Design Change 

You need to change your seals when you renovate your pool or the property. Your shade sail should blend well with the new outdoor setting. More so, you can change the shade sails of your pool to complement the outdoor patio or deck because they all fall in the same category. 

More so, you should change the sail when you repaint the house so that it can blend with a new look.   

Unsafe Shades Sails 

The structure deteriorates with time, mainly due to harsh weather. The beams, the bolts, nails, and the other components holding them are at the risk of corrosion. Thus, such signs are an indication that the shades are unsafe and should be replaced by the soonest possible. 

 What to Consider When Buying Shade Sails 

Don’t underestimate the shade sails installation process, for it’s a high value-adding project. Shade sails add aesthetic value to your home and enhance your comfort when relaxing by the pool. Thus, having a shade makes the weather pleasant.  

For that reason, your need to invest in the right shade sails, and the following are the factors that you should consider when purchasing shade sails. 

The Size of the Pool  

There are different shade sails in the market. They vary in terms of shapes, designs, and sizes. Additionally, not all shades are suitable for your pool. Therefore, consider the size and design of your pool before acquiring a shade sail. 


Some shade sails are easy to install like umbrella shades while others require professional sail companies like Echuca Shade Sail Installations. For instance, shades such as retractable shade canopies, cantilevers, and pergolas, among others.  

The contractor has the experience and the techniques for installing shade sails. Therefore, you should consider hiring professionals for correct installation. 

The Quality of Fabric 

It’s advisable to purchase the right quality for your sails because they are outdoor and exposed to harsh weather conditions. Thus, consider the UV protection level of the fabric before buying the shade sails. For instance, a lighter material will be less expensive but not long-lasting such as the mountable umbrella shades that are light and movable.

Retractable shade canopies are a strong structure that protects the entire pool from the blazing sun. Although they are expensive to buy and install, they last longer. 

Photo of outdoor shade sail umbrella we installed in Echuca
The Color 

You will realize that sailmakers have a wide range of colours to choose from. However, don’t choose a fad, for you will need to redecorate it after some years while the neutral colour will never go out of style. 


Shade sails should both functional and stunning. That is why there is a wide range of fabulous colours to select from and the option to have a customized one for your pool. Therefore, select an outdoor shade sail that complements your pool and unique property. However, you may consider a darker colour due to its higher UV protection capacity.   


It’s essential to replace your shade sail when their integrity gets compromised, torn, the fabric fades, stained, or when you renovate your property. 

Shade sail should add value to your property and, for that reason, choose high-quality fabrics and appropriate colour to eliminate the burden of redecorating them after some years. Contact Echuca Shade Sail Installations for a quote and more suggestions.  

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