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After choosing the kind of shade sail you want for your home or commercial building, you have to make another major decision; choosing the right colour for this shade sail. The right-coloured shade structure will support your business by giving it some additional curb appeal and a pleasant look. For example, a restaurant with a brightly coloured shade structure would stand out and attract the attention of people and stimulate their interest. It would help if you kept some things into consideration when selecting a colour for your shade sail. Continue to read and find some tips to choose the right colour for your new shade sail.

Your Branding

To further boost your branding efforts, you may want to integrate the colours of your company into your designs. It helps ensure that your brand’s most identifiable pieces are noticeable from a distance. Please note that giant shade sail, in general, can be seen from a distance, so choosing a shade sail colour that suits the brand of your business will attract the eyes of those walking by and help draw in more foot traffic.

Your Surrounding Environment

About the surrounding area or nearby buildings, take a look at the shade colour. What colours are in the surroundings already? Which colours in this palette would look nice? When your shade sail is in greenery with lots of trees and natural elements, lighter, natural shades could fit in beautifully.

Your Goal

What do you want to do with your shade apart from just providing sun protection? For illustration, if your shade structure covers bleachers or a pool, an important goal maybe not to use your facilities to annoy players or athletes. Perhaps you don’t want bright colours in this situation. If your shade system is across an area in a park, perhaps part of your aim is to enable the shade to fit in with the natural environment, which means you want green and brown tones.

On the other side, if your shade sail covers a parking space, you might want bright colours to make it easy for motorists to see it. Close to daycare or playground, a lighter, vibrant hue may be very suitable, but you may need a more subdued colour for a professional company. You may also need to keep colour psychology in mind when choosing commercial shade structure colours: a hue such as red is right to reflect anticipation, while black gives off an atmosphere of sophistication.

UV Protection

There are various UV protection factors in multiple colours. Most darker colours, for example, block more UV rays, allowing them a natural choice for the country’s warmer and sunnier regions. Overall, lighter colours make more of the rays of the sun to pass through, which can be useful if you have greenery or plants growing under your shade.

At Echuca Shade Sail, we offer custom and standard shade sails; able to make them in any size or shape or colour. Contact us at 0491 737 518 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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