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Waterproof Shade Sails

tan shade sail under cloudy sky

Shade sails come in a variety of types and options; colour, sizes and shapes. But another big option that you can choose from is installing a standard shade or a waterproof shade. If you install a standard shade, it will stand up to most weather conditions, but will generally let water seep through. If you are attempting to block out water completely, then installing a waterproof shade sail is the option for you. These shade sails are meant to be installed in rainy climates and can block most water seepage.

Standard Vs. Waterproof Sails

Standard sails are made of heavy, durable material that does a good job of blocking sunlight and wind but only does an alright job of blocking out water. While standard shade sails will help to slow rainwater down, the water will eventually begin to seep through. Waterproof shade sails are made with a special coating that causes water to be completely repelled. Because of the way that shade sails are installed, waterproof sails will dispel water, letting it run down to a drainage corner that is out and away from your primary area.

Why Use Waterproof Shade Sails

The decision to install a waterproof shade sail is completely up to you. Deepening on where your sail will be, this can be a more necessary option than in other places. If your shade sail is installed over something like your garage entrance, it may be advisable to use a waterproof sail as this will keep you and your family dry when unloading or loading into your car. If the sail is over something like your pool, maybe a waterproof sail is not needed. Either way, keeping a waterproof sail in mind is a great option.


The great thing about choosing a waterproof shade sail is that they don’t break the bank. While waterproof options do cost a bit more, thanks to materials used and special coatings, the price difference isn’t all that much. Of course, the main price will depend on several factors such as size, colour and shape, but adding a waterproof option to any of this is a smart way to yourself dry, while not killing your bank account. Let us know what your budget is and we promise we can work with you to install whatever option you think you need.

Why Use Us

We know that there are other shade sail companies out there, so we are honoured and humbled that you are taking the time to look at our site. We think, if you’ve made it this far, you should definitely consider using us as your shade sail installers. We work hard to give you the most beautiful shade sail system on the block. We help plan and design. We listen to your wants and needs and translate those into beautiful shade sail systems. We are cost-effective and efficient and stand by all of the work we do so that you are guaranteed to be happy.